Cockles Wide Brim Bucket Hat


We haven't actually ever raked sand for cockles but we love the idea of it. If we were going to partake in such a lovely activity we would like to wear this hat, then go home and create a delicious feast with our cockles and home grown fare.

Alternatively, we would wear this with the matching caftan or white broderie Nautilus dress and go out to lunch with our girlfriends, sitting on a deck at a beachside hatted restaurant and order prawns in a bucket with champagne. Either alternative is lovely and so is the fact you can turn up & down the wire brim of this hat and play peekaboo.

Designed for relax fit. 
Tiered Silhouette. 
One Size fits all.
Wired brim for customised fit. 
Optional Toggle strap. 
100% Canvas Cotton.

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