Rainbow Lorikeet Maxi Dress


These raucous colourful gangs flock to the farm's flowering gum trees for nectar in very noisy groups. Just like a group of you and your best friends with a crisp bottle of South Australian's finest. They are believed to form pairs for life. We strongly believe this dress and you, could form a pair for life. The perfect summer strappy throw on dress for all sorts of occasions.

#wardrobekeeper #investmentpiece #colourmakesushappy #nectar #wine #same 

Bust fits true to size.
Fullness in the skirt. 
Shirred back panel for a flattering easy fit.
Fully adjustable shoulder straps.
100% Cotton.

Note: The model is 180cm tall. 

55% linen, 45% viscose - which is the best blend for summer!

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