Peggy Sue

Clay Bath Brew Pockets


Do you enjoy slowing down from the busyness of life and soaking in a relaxing warm bath? Then meet Brew Pockets! Three giant tea bags for a relaxing bath. These Clay Bath Brew Pockets infuse the bath water with botanical goodness and a natural pink clay to create a fun and relaxing bath experience, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and silky smooth.

The biodegradable Clay Bath Brew Pockets are filled with a delicious blend of pink clay, goji berries, cocoa butter, epsom salt and so much more. Together these bath tea bags fill the water with an array of healthy vitamins, magnesium, and minerals which work to detox your skin, soothe and relax muscle tension, as well as giving your skin a big dose of nourishment and love.

Each box contains 3 x 50g tea bags, packaged inside individual cello bags. Both of which are 100% home compostable.

Suitable for all skin types

All skin types

Key Ingredients: Pink Clay, Cocoa Butter, Rose Petal Powder


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