Angus & Celeste

Abstract Relief Plant Pot Thin Brush Line


The line is the most basic of all the design elements. Angus & Celeste’s Abstract Line planters are a celebration of this. The thick line planter is created from a series of bold, expressive brushstrokes that intersect and create a distinctively modern feel. In contrast, the thin line planter is a more considered and finer exploration of line. These organic parallel lines form a pattern suggestive of natural sedimentary rock deposits.

The Abstract Line planters are a versatile and functional small-sized pot with a generous deep drip tray, allowing for a form of self-watering absorption. Plants can be either potted directly into these high-fired planters or simply place most small-sized, plastic nursery pots inside.

High fired stained porcelain.

14cm diameter, 16cm tall.

Available in many colours and perfect to mix and match with the Abstract Relief Thick Brush Line pots.


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