Goldy T Shirt


GOLDY BABY. Are we even in the same country. We always marvel at the Gold Coast and feel like we are in another shinier, brighter, sunnier, surfside planet. The crashing waves, the totally chill vibe, riding our bikes for miles up and down the pathways to yet another iconically named spot, Surfers Paradise, Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, Mermaid.

Cruising the canals eating the freshest prawns and eating at the myriad of next. level. restaurants. The Magic Millions, the millionaires homes on Hedges Ave. The deep deep tans and the bleached blonde hair. We love it! Bring it in a bright white fresh tee with turquoise top notes and a sunny yellow print. Straya, we salute you. 

Relaxed boxy fit. 
Side split at hem.
Ribbon detailing on side split. 
100% cotton.

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