Portmeirion Maxi Dress Floral

$269.25 $359

If you know us well, you know we love botanical prints. We try to sneak one in everywhere. We think this obsession hails back to looking at Portmeiron china on the table since for now, well ahem, decades. Four in fact.

It’s quintessentially English, with botanical drawings of flowers, bees, fruit & vegetables. Its timeless and just so pretty. So we dreamt up our own.

Printed onto Cotton Linen, perfectly sunfaded, pink roses and bumblebees.
Deep Vee & Lace details. A special dress, for a special occasion, for a special person.

Fits true to size.
Sweeping maxi length dress.
Lace details.
V-style neck & A-line styled dress.
Linen Viscose.

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