Ann Made

Incense Burner


This circular shaped eco-resin incense burner is the perfect design to add to your space. Leave your home looking good and smelling good too!

·        Dimensions: 15cm (D) x 1.5cm (H)

Ann Made designs are individually hand-poured using Ausmonite, a non-toxic 100% certified, Australian Made, eco-resin. All designs are sealed to be water resistant and are safe to be placed in wet areas. As each piece is hand produced, subtle imperfections may be imbued, including air bubbles or color variations, making each piece truly unique and one of a kind.

Care Instructions:

  • For decorative use only. 
  • Kindly refrain from using these dishes as food containers, and avoid subjecting them to dishwashers or microwaves.
  • To maintain their quality, refrain from immersing the dishes in water or exposing them harsh chemicals. A gentle wipe with a cloth is recommended.
  • For optimal longevity and appearance, it's advisable to keep these products indoors, as exposure to outdoor elements can deteriorate them and cause imperfections.

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