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Nail Art Stickers Boho Babe


DIY Nail Art has never been easier than with these luxe nail art stickers.

The Boho Babe Collection features rainbows, daisies, skulls, feathers, arrows, dream catchers, crescent moons, butterflies, peace sign, shapes, snakes and gold suns.

❤︎ Designed in Australia

❤︎ Pack has 150 stickers on a single sheet

❤︎ Stickers are super thin and can be applied to your natural nail, polished nail, gel or acrylic.

❤︎ Vegan, Cruelty Free and Non toxic.

HOW TO: Gently bend the sheet next to the sticker you want to use and lift off with tweezers. Apply it to your nail and seal with a clear top coat. If using them with the Stick on Nail Polish system, apply just before the Shine coat.

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