Hunter Candles

Acacia Tree Candle


Honeyed Greens / Tree Sap / Corkwood

Branches tumble under morning’s gleaming sunbeams, illuminating the acacias’ fluffy golden flowers. Sweet honeyed greens and soft corkwood intermingle with spicy cardamom, over a tantalising tangle of white jasmine and tender lily. Glowing amber resin and enduring musk evoke the sensation of wandering barefoot through the bush at dawn. Awake yet dreaming, you place your hands on the trunk of a red gum, becoming one with her beating heart. Put simply, Acacia Tree is a sweet kiss from our mighty bush landscape that beckons your own heart to open.

- Soy wax, made using pure soy beans

- Biodegradable wax, free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs

- Hand-poured in Newtown, Sydney

- Burning hours 45+

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