Arlington Milne

Azure Dress Metallic Tweed

$99.00 $379.95

The Azure dress in Tweed has a metallic thread through the fabric, elevating it's appearance. The stylish A-line shift dress is fully lined and designed for easy slip-on and slip-off wear. It features a boat neck neckline and full sleeves with a wide elastic cuff detail. The cuff can be worn out for a statement look or tucked under to enhance sleeve fullness. This versatile dress is perfect for summer, effortlessly paired with flats or heels. It offers both comfort and style, making it a go-to option for any occasion. Embrace the elegance and ease of the Azure dress for a fashionable and comfortable summer ensemble. Please note, care must be taken when wearing the Azure in Tweed, to ensure the fabric does not snag on sharp objects.

100% Polyester

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