This Is Incense

Immersion Incense


This is the scent to transform you to relax and disconnect you from the everyday.

You know the feeling - you are about to have time off on a holiday, but it takes a few days to disconnect.  To be able to immerse yourself in the culture, food and all senses.  To be really present and to take it slow, burning this will allow you to drop in.

This unique scent is an ode to yourself to be here in the now.

Top notes of Sweet with Orange

Middle notes of Smokiness with Gurjun Balsam (tree from Indonesia with a subtly sweet woody scent)

Bottom notes Amber and Cedarwood.

The time you need a break from the everyday, to escape to be in the present, to immerse yourself in culture and on your time.

60 Sticks. Approx 30 hour burn time.


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