St. Renais

Rome Lip + Cheek Tint


Let's dive into the Rome experience, where savouring a delightful affogato amid the city's charm is a must. Picture yourself zipping around the eternal city on a Vespa, the embodiment of Italian style and freedom.

This classic nude is a St Renaiś must have, perfect for the days you're after a subtle pigment to highlight and keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. 

Origin: Indulge in the sweet water views from Via Marina

Provence :

Rome, Italy

Pigment : A nude affogato with a hint of peach

Feels :


Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

Formula: Our formula was intentionally crafted to create an ultra hydrating, restoring lip & cheek tint with pigment that lasts and a scent to revive.

Packed with 100% pure essential oils, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E this combination is a great source of antioxidants that moistens and protects the lips caused by free radicals.

For that perfect pout : Start with a lip liner that best matches your lips. Apply 1 coat of your Acquedolci, use a lip brush to perfect with one more final coat. 

Use for a cheek tint : Add a splash of colour to your cheeks simply place the colour on your cheeks. We recommend using a teardrop blender (moisten slightly with water before use) gently dab the colour into your cheeks to create a smooth finish. 

Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free.

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