Sakura Paper Flower White


Embrace these stunning flower stems. With their exquisite handmade construction, they boast delicate paper petals that exude a vibrant charm, while their sturdy metal wire stem makes them easy to manipulate in any arrangement.  

Use in your home decor or for floral themed festive decorations.

Flower fully opens up to dimensions: W 22 x L 22 x H 15 cm

Stem length of 25 cm.

Flower comes closed up, packaged in a cardboard sleeve.  

Each petal of the flower is wired underneath, lift each petal apart and manipulate wire underneath to adjust from blossom to bloom.

Durable, reusable and recyclable back to our planet.

Keep in dry place out of sun to avoid fading.

Handmade Saa paper
Rayon paper
Metal wire

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